Ten Things To Transform Your Health

March 2, 2019

Pain is a request for change?

Request from who? Your body.

Request to do what? Change your lifestyle. Habits and behaviors. You cannot get will in the same environment you became ill within

You can take back control of your life and your health. You just have to decide to. When you have been sick or in pain for so long it’s hard to know who you are without it. You become trapped. Living without the pain can be scary. Sound  crazy? It not. I’ve been there with my autoimmune disease. They didn’t even know what to call mine, they just said autoimmune. That’s the term they give you when they have no freaking idea why you got sick.


What causes inflammation? LIFE! It’s learning to manage it thats the key. 


I was watching the movie HEAL on Netflix and came across a list of things people who took back control of their health. Habits and behaviors they began doing. And of course I added to the list. The first 9 are theirs. The second set of nine are my experiences 

  1. Massively changing your diet 
  2. Use herbs and supplements 
  3. Take control of your own health. 
  4. Follow your intuition 
  5. Release suppressed emotions 
  6. Increase positive emotions
  7. Embrace social support 
  8. Deepening your spiritual connection 
  9. Have a purpose
  10. Move more of yourself, more often, more ways, in more environments      (Called adaptable movement)
  11. Spend time in nature. She heals things 
  12. Touch the Earth with your skin. Hands and feet are good starting points 
  13. Put down your phone and walk away 
  14. Drink structured water. Water with a tincture of lemon or lime is a good start 
  15. Spend time in silence. Quiet the noise around you so you can hear the noise inside you 
  16. Sing and dance everyday like no one is watching 
  17. Hug something (human, animal, tree) 
  18. Breathe through your nose not your mouth. Hello CO2 and O2 balance 
  19. Bonus: Take care of your lymphatic system. The most important system you are not looking at to feel better. 


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