The Easiest Way To Change How You Move

August 19, 2016

Movement is habit and habits are damn hard to break!


We fall back into patterns and comfort. It just feels normal. We lose the ability to recognize the dysfunctional. We adapt to our surroundings. It’s one of the fundamental traits of human survival. Adaptation.

Unfortunately it can be a trait that also bites you in the ass. When you get comfortable you get soft. You become more vulnerable. You let your guard down. It’s the perfect opportunity for an injury to happen or life to bitch slap you You groove a comfortable movement map of the world. You see things as YOU are, not as THEY are. Your perceptions change how the world looks.

Pain is also perception. There is no objectivity to pain whatsoever. It’s 100% subjective. How you think changes your biology. No two people experience pain the same way. For example: We both get smacked in the face. I laugh and you cry. Same hit, different biological reactions. Don’t ask why I like it 🙂


Pain is a request for change. Your body is asking you to please do something different in your life. How can you make an instant change? Change how you move and and change how you think. They both feed off of each other. When you move your brain has to adapt to it. When you think your brain has to adapt to it.

How can you easily change those two things?

Change your environment

Your brain and body change based on the environment you are in. Sensory input determines movement. You might be saying to yourself now, ‘It can’t be that simple!’ Yep it is. The solution doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Most often we just have to get out of our own way.

Here are a few suggestions on how to impact your environment:

  • Go barefoot
  • Move on the ground
  • Exercise outside
  • Take two steps at a time when using stairs (you do take the stairs right?)
  • Walk sideways downstairs
  • Skip to your car after leaving the office (and yes watch people Worth it just for that)
  • Tall kneel at your desk and kill the chair (and yes watch people Worth it just for that)
  • Read on the ground on your stomach
  • Put Rocktape on your body


You get the idea…get creative and just do different shit. That’s it! Ill see you on the ground.

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Stay strong