The New Stop Chasing Pain

October 2, 2011

Welcome to the new WordPress format and blog themed website for Stop Chasing Pain! Followers of Stop Chasing Pain know I am about sharing and learning from each other. That is what this format is created to do.

There is now a list of UPCOMING EVENTS on the Calendar section in the sidebar.

Social Media links are posted on the header page. Be sure to sign up for Facebook updates and listen to the Stop Chasing Pain podcast on podbean and iTunes!

A list of WORKSHOPS is listed with brief descriptions and feel free to book one anytime. I am always available to teach.

The MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is in full swing and I am now teaching the Stop Chasing Pain program live or via Online.

Feel free to comment on log posts and visit the new BLOG ROLL on the sidebar to visit people I follow and respect.

If you are interested in posting a guest blog post please let me know. I want to share as much content with followers as possible.

So people often ask me how I came up with the Stop Chasing Pain name and Brand so now is a good time to tell you the story:

Stop Chasing Pain says exactly what my ‘WHY’ is all about. There is no mistaking what it means. Every time I wear my Stop Chasing Pain shirt, someone asks me about the name. So I must be onto something. How did I choose the name? Well, I kind of like to think that it chose me.It was two years ago and I was taking the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) course in New Jersey being taught by my mentors, Gray Cook, Kyle Kiesel and Charlie Weingroff. All of whom are now very good friends of mine. One of the slides during the first day presentation had just the words ‘Stop Chasing Pain’ written in big bold letters. And I was like, BAM!! That is brilliant. That was the moment everything came together with the answer I had been searching for all along. My mind immediately said, ‘This is a great line. I wonder if it has been taken yet as a business name or domain name?’

That night I did an internet and trademark search to see if it was available. And as it turned out, the Universe left it open. The name was still available, so I registered it ASAP. That day, the Stop Chasing Pain brand was born. It was like everything coincided for that very moment. The logo for Stop Chasing Pain was actually created by a patient of mine named Kristen Frahn. She is an amazing graphic artist and created the logo on first draft. I told her what my vision was for SCP and she nailed it! Perfection! She captured the very essence of what I was trying to communicate.


Let me know what you like…don’t like…or want to change.