Three Simple Ways To Move Better

October 10, 2016

There is no such thing as perfect movement, however there is always better movement.” -Moshé Feldenkrais

The solution doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Moving more and better only happens when you do:)

I love the term Imperfect Action!

It’s never going to be perfect. You just need to get results to build off. Nothing happens until something moves. The results of the actions you take help you get better. You don’t have to get it right, just get it going.

So let’s do it…

Change your environment. Muscles change what they do, how they do it and when they do it based on the environment they are in. For example walking outside with shoes on versus shoes off. Completely different neurosensory input to your brain which has to organize a different movement pattern. A simple way to move better is to change the environment. It can be just as simple as changing the music you listen to when you are exercising. Other ideas: move in different clothes, train outside, train in a different gym, etc.


Slow it down. Scott Sonnon says, ‘speed hides need.’ Which means we rush through things we feel vulnerable or uncomfortable with. It happens with movement all the time. Just because you can do it fast doesn’t mean you can do it slow, but if you could do it slow you can do it fast. Tip number two is to slow your movements down and be more mindful. Be present and think of nothing else but the movement you are doing. It’s not going to be easy. Your brain is going to be thinking about 1000 different things. It takes practice. When you feel the desire to rush, take back control and slow it down. And don’t forget to breathe.


Move with others. We are social animals. It’s a community and tribe driven primal need. It’s actually a key component to success in your quest to become better at whatever you love, especially fitness and movement. We excel when we have others to give us feedback and behaviors we can emulate. It’s based on evolutionary psychology. The need for community and support. Everything gets better when you have someone else to share it with. So start moving with more people.



Feel movement, don’t think movement. We are not rational animals, we are emotional animals. Better movement comes when you feel better. And feeling better happens when you move. Stop thinking so much. Just be!


So just get started. The Mojo in the magic will happen. I’ll be right there with you. Start building your community and share the message. #sharethemojo