Three Ways To Quickly Reduce Stress and Anxiety

August 11, 2016

Hello. Guess what? Rise and shine. It’s time to wake up!

Open your eyes to yet another day of stress and anxiety. Damn, yesterday really did happen? Just lay there and stress over yesterday so you can start today’s stress off with a bang. Sort of like a 7 Layer cake of stress.

Note: I love 7 layer cake. So good.


7 Layer Nirvana

Is that how you feel some days? Like your body has taken a life of its own in the cosmic unknown of the Stress Universe?

Stress sucks. Anxiety sucks. So let’s try to unsuck them. Take back control of your life and your body. How?

Read on…

Take Your Shoes Off

I’ve said this before. Why am I saying it again? Because it’s sorta important and works!

Take your shoes off and stand/march around on some rocks. Don’t have any rocks? Go to Home Depot and buy some small rocks and carry them around with you and throw them on the floor. Now stand on them and move around. Better yet go hiking outside and collect some. I think Mother Earth has many different varieties. Actually I’m pretty sure she does.

Say what?

Are you nuts?

I can’t do that?

Why? Because it’s crazy and fun. Do it because it is crazy. I call it the crazy shit path. Magic happens on the crazy shit path. Take the path but throw the rocks on it first.

Why does this help? The bottom of the foot is a neurological hotbed of direct sensation into the brain. It craves foot love. Ever heard of reflexology? Points in your feet stimulate your body. Don’t believe in reflexology? It’s ok it doesn’t care. Helps you feel good anyway.

Step on rock.

Feel rock.


Plus you will be smiling and that takes away stress. I bet if you do this at work soon enough you will have a rock party. I’ve seen it happen.

Bonus Benefit: Carrying rocks make you stronger

Assignment: Buy rocks. Buy a bag to carry them in. Walk on them.

Rub Your Sternum

Vigorously rub/massage your sternum from collar bone to belly.

Sternal Fascia

This is a huge Fascial Bridge point between left and right sides of the body. Hunching forward like a human cashew nut shortens the anterior tissues of the body. It’s also a central midline for the conception vessel in acupuncture and holds some powerful stress relief points for the diaphragm. You will begin to breathe easier and feel stress melt away.

Caution! It can be very tender and painful. That’s an indication you need it even more. Show your sternum some self love. It’s lonely. When was the last time you even touch that body part?

Take note when people start asking what you are doing. Say with a straight face, ‘I’m rubbing my conception vessel. Wanna join me?’ hehe Then wait for a reaction. They love that. Smile now.

Assignment: Rub and massage your own sternum 🙂 for 60seconds throughout the the day. Especially when are going into the Lion’s Den of stressful situations.

Drink More Water

Really? Yep. Why? Because you aren’t drinking enough. Most people are chronically dehydrated. The brain is loaded with water. If you are dehydrated the brain can’t function effeciently. It a drives the rest of the body to do the best it can. You become a sewer of toxicity and all that junk sits in your cells. Your hormones will go crazy when you are dehydrated. Hormones make you happy. And so does chocolate. And sex. But I digress.

So put down the coffee, Redbull, Monster drinks, and whatever else you are drinking besides water. Start simply by drinking an extra glass everyday and then woke up.

Assignment: Wake up and drink one full glass of water. Before going to bed drink one full glass of water.

And for every glass of alcohol or cup of coffee drink two of water. No, the water in coffee doesnt count. Trust me I tried.

Ok have fun. If you really want to feel happy. Take off your shoes. Throw down your rocks. Stand on them. Slam down a water and rub your sternum all the same time. Now that’s mojo.

If you smiled during this post count that as number four way to destress. Chillax and smile more often. The Internet is full of doom and gloom and end of the world shit. Lighten up.

Read some Dr. Seuss and smile. That’s number five.

‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

Oh and stop breathing so much through your mouth, breathe more via your nose. Mouth breathing uses more of your upper lungs, neck and chest. Nose breathing sends oxygen lower into the lungs. You won’t carry as much tension in your neck and you’ll get more oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for not dying. Dying is stressful.

If all else fails eat the 7-layer cake above 🙂

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Stay Strong,