Top 10 Reasons ‘Why’ You Should Invest in the New Gray Cook Video ‘Key Functional Exercises You Should Know.’

I am a simple guy. My motto is a quote by Einstein:

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

I don’t like to write never ending blog posts. Getting straight to the point has always been my style. In your face, no holds barred viewpoints and opinions. The review of my mentor’s new DVD is no exception either. If you follow me or Stop Chasing Pain you already know how I feel about Gray Cook. If you don’t, you are about to find out. lol

I love Gray Cook! He has been one of the single biggest influences in my career. He is a close friend. We are both rednecks from Virginia. (I can say that because I am My hometown is 30-minutes from were he lives and practices.

When he talks, I listen.

When he says do this, I do that.

When he says don’t do that I stop doing that.

When he puts out new material I buy it.


Because the man is smart as hell, loves what he does, is open to other opinions, and does his best to help improve the world and himself. Yes, I am going to tell you to buy this DVD and here is why? It all starts with why anyway. The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ are pieces of the ‘why.’ Start with why and the rest just falls into place.

Top Ten “Whys’

  1. The DVD begins with Gray talking about functional exercises and movement. I have never seen anything like it when Gray speaks. He commands a room. You become captivated. The man knows his stuff inside and out. Gray is the KING of analogies and metaphors, making it much easier to truly understand how movement is key to performance and recovery. His opening speech sets the tone for the entire video. Just sit back and soak it up.
  2. The DVD comes with an awesome PDF script and MP3 audio download full of lectures and video interviews. You get lots of EXTRAS in the DVD that will add to your knowledge. That’s what we call a win-win.
  3. My friend Dr. Mark Cheng drops in and helps with the Turkish Getup section of the video. If you don’t know Doc Cheng put that on your MUST DO LIST and follow this man. He is an RKC, StrongFirst Kettlebell GURU. Watching him perform a TGU is a thing of beauty. He gives great tips on cracking the secrets of a TGU. Oh and Gray is walking you through it too. Hello epic coolness.
  4. Think you know deadlifts? Gray gives you new ways of harnessing the power of the deadlift for corrective exercise. He takes a member o the audience and coaches them on a kettlebell deadlift. You see regressions and progressions with emphasis on packing the lats and hinging at the hips.
  5. Chops and Lifts work basic patterns of the sling system of movement. Gray teaches subtle cueing techniques for the chop and lift to help hip and core stability. This is an exercise that is very easy to do WRONG! Positioning and motion are pivotal to proper outcome. How to follow thru with the arms is worth a treasure in this section because most people do it incorrectly.
  6. The awesome Lee Burton pops in at the beginning of the video with Gray talking about how the Functional Movement Screen came about and how its progressed over the years. They make a dynamite team sharing their passion for movement teaching and education.
  7. Bloopers are cool. A few laughs will be had. Laughing rules!
  8. New material. Even if you already have DVD’s of Gray and functional movement this can add to your arsenal. Because Gray is always learning himself there are may new knowledge bombs dropped here in this set. Even if you walk away with one new perspective on a movement or exercise it’s worth it.
  9. You can see the excitement and passion in the audience. Like minded people who sharing what they love. It’s a great DVD that was filmed at a Perform. Better seminar. So it’s real people. Interaction. Q and A. Not just a camera trained on someone in a room following a script. It’s real life. That is how we learn.
  10. Because you should! Some things you just can’t go wrong with in life. It’s called a no brainer.

Stop Chasing Pain was forged from the work of Gray Cook. If you enjoy the information and posts I provide then you will definitely love this DVD. Invest in yourself. I promise you will thank me.

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