Top 10 Things I Learned Working Out For 29 Years

May 20, 2010

    1. More is not better…better is better.
    2. Recovery and regeneration is crucial to muscle development
    3. Nutrition is THE KEY to fat loss

  1. Steady state cardio does little to burn fat…metabolic acceleration from weight training is better
  2. Proper deadlifting is a full body exercise secret
  3. Quality is more important than quantity
  4. Looking good does not mean you have a freaking clue about proper training
  5. Training longer than an hour is detrimental to growth hormone and testosterone production
  6. Hydration is a missing link to muscle hypertrophy and fat loss
  7. Proper stretching makes you move smarter…so you move better…so you look great!
  8. Bonus: Just because you have nice abs does not mean you have a strong core…it just means you have a cleaner diet.