Vagal Rounds & Collagen Peptides

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Vagal Rounds for relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep.*

  • 80 Vagal Rounds per box (up to 2 months application)
  • Small and lightweight that you can travel with and will easily fit in your pocket or handbag
  • Neutral color
  • Easy peel and stick
  • Easy to follow instructions

What are Vagal Rounds?

Vagal Rounds are circular kinesiology tape elastic material for placing over strategic locations on the skin to lift tissues (decompress) and influence blood flow and lymph flow around nerves of the neck and face. Excess tightness and tension of tissue along the pathways of nerves can cause pain or dysfunction. Decompressing tissue specific skin regions allows noxious substances surrounding local nociceptors and mechanoreceptors (sensors)  to dissipate, which may alleviate chemical irritation. Superficial fascia lies just beneath the skin and plays a major role in skin elasticity, temperature, and is highly innervated.  Vagal Rounds can ease tissue tension by decompressing the skin and fascial layers. Vagal rounds may help reduce pain, tension, and improve sleep. *Individual results may vary

Why the Vagus Nerve?

How your body responds to injury and stress is dependent on the Vagus Nerve. It controls the inflammatory response of the entire body. The Vagus Nerve is Cranial Nerve number 10. It arises from the medulla part of the brainstem. You have a left one and a right one, each exiting from the skull traveling down both sides of the neck to the organs below. It is the primary component of the parasympathetic nervous system and controls the stress response.

Why Vagal Rounds?

The vagus nerve can become compromised at the exit of the skull into the side of neck at cervical vertebra C1 and C2. This is the location of the largest lymph node in the neck.  Opening lymph nodes helps the immune system and decreases inflammation. The second compromised location is as the vagus nerve enters the thorax at the collarbone near the lymphatic system drainage points. These are the strategic locations where we place Vagal Rounds for myofascial tissue decompression. These neck points are also connected to draining toxins from the brain.

How long can you wear them?

You can wear them up to three days duration before removing. We recommend wearing at night while you sleep to enhance brain toxic debris drainage and improve sleep quality. You remove them upon awaking and you can reapply at night. You can choose to wear vagal rounds throughout the day at rest, work, or play. Apply to clean, dry skin. If redness or itching occurs discontinue use.

Also see video for application and other location suggestions.

Material Description :
Fabric : 97% Cotton + 3% Spandex (±2%)
Adhesive: Medical Acrylic Glue (Latex-free and hypoallergenic)

Vagal Rounds are considered hypoallergenic as the adhesive is medical acrylic glue, latex-free, and contains no zinc oxide.  On rare occasions, some sensitivity can occur, but this is much more likely to be an “operator error” than the Rounds themselves.

Application Tips: Apply to clean, dry skin free of lotions and perfumes. Remove gently and slowly from the skin. If redness, itching, or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

If red circles appear on the skin after using Vagal Rounds this indicates the need to do lymphatic drainage massage from the collarbone up before reapplying the rounds. Impaired lymphatic drainage and interstitial (cell environment) inflammatory stasis have been linked to increased skin inflammation. The skin is a detoxification organ. Toxins and metabolic waste accumulate in the interstitial fluid from stagnated lymph nodes and are pulled to the skin’s surface via the vagal rounds. One-third of the 600-700 lymph nodes are from the neck up. Skin redness, itching, and irritation may occur when lymphatic vasculature is dysregulated.

If redness occurs, discontinue use until you complete this sequence before reapplying.

Do in order 1-5:

  1. Massage lightly above and below the collarbone
  2. Massage the space behind the jaw and on the side of the neck
  3. Massage under the jawline
  4. Massage on jaw muscles
  5. Massage the cheekbones

Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor before starting any new health practice. This is not medical advice. This is not meant to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose. This is for educational purposes only. Results may vary.



Introducing the new Collagen Peptides from Stop Chasing Pain. The number one supplement we recommend to people who are stuck in high-stress sympathetic dominant states.

We love Collagen so much that we decided to carry our own.
Grass Fed and Pasture-raised high-quality protein collagen.
Gluten Free. Non-GMO.

Stress increases cortisol and cortisol breaks down protein. Your tissues are made of protein. It’s called catabolism. Tissue breakdown. You need to replenish protein.

For some, Whey protein can be an inflammatory trigger or even an allergen. Collagen is an effective alternative protein source and offers an amino acid profile that helps heal soft tissue other than muscle (hair, skin, nails, joints, vascular, etc…) in a manner whey or plant proteins cannot.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the main component of connective tissue, skin, hair, and nails. Our collagen peptides powder is rich in amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and alanine which helps support collagen synthesis in the body. Helping to rebuild the gut wall which is mostly protein. Taken as a supplement, this product could help strengthen and preserve our joints and skin.*

Contains no sugar, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, artificial colors, or flavors.

Our collagen is Grass Fed Bovine Collagen, of the highest grade: it meets stricter EU Standards, and the Raw Material is Kosher and Halal.

Our Collagen passes the stringent Prop 65 Regulations, which are specifically tougher on Heavy Metals (such as Lead), Glyphosate, and other pesticides. (We come in less than half on the tolerable limits permitted by Prop65 and cGMP from the FDA). The raw material and packaging components used for our products meet FDA GMP requirements. All of our finished products are manufactured in a controlled environment, are tested extensively to meet specifications & are safe for consumption. We know that those banned substances never enter our building as raw material, and never make it into a finished product.

Suggested use: Add one (1) level scoop of collagen powder to 8-10 oz. of chilled water or preferred beverage in a shaker cup and mix for about 5 seconds. Drink and enjoy a shake each day.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.

This product is sold by weight, not volume. Settling may occur.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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