Vagal Rounds

Vagal Rounds for relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep.
  • 80 Vagal Rounds per box (up to 2 months application)
  • Small and lightweight that you can travel with and will easily fit in your pocket or handbag
  • Neutral color
  • Easy peel and stick
  • Easy to follow instructions

What are Vagal Rounds?

Vagal Rounds are a circular elastic material for placing over strategic locations to lift the skin and influence blood flow and lymph flow around nerves of the neck and face. Excess tightness and tension of tissue along the pathways of nerves can cause pain or dysfunction. Vagal Rounds can ease tension. Vagal rounds may help reduce pain, anxiety, tension and improves sleep.

Why the Vagus Nerve?

How your body responds to injury and stress. The Vagus Nerve is cranial nerve number 10. It arises from the medulla part of the brainstem. You have a left one and a right one, each exiting from the skull traveling down both sides of the neck to the organs below. It is the primary component of the parasympathetic nervous system and controls the stress response.

Why Vagal Rounds on the neck?

The vagus nerve can become compromised at the exit of the skull into the side of neck at cervical vertebra C1 and C2. The second location is as it enters the thorax at the collarbone. These are the locations where we place Vagal Rounds. These locations will also help drain obstructed or stagnated lymphatic fluid and lymph nodes. Clearing lymph nodes helps the immune system and decreases inflammation. These neck points are also connected to draining toxins from the brain.

Why the ear?

You can also place vagal rounds on the ear to stimulate the vagus nerve. Certain parts of the ear are innervated by the vagus nerve. This is also where they place vagal nerve stimulators to ease anxiety and pain

How long can you wear them?

You can wear them up to three days duration before removing. We recommend wearing at night while you sleep to enhance brain toxic debris drainage and improve sleep quality. You remove them upon awaking and you can reapply at night. You can choose to wear vagal rounds throughout the day at rest, work, and play.

Also see video for application and other location suggestions.