Vagus Nerve Mojo

Vagus Nerve Resets for Chronic Pain

The new online webcast course from Stop Chasing Pain. Teaching you our approach to decreasing chronic stress and chronic pain. Techniques and strategies we use every day and teach all of our clients. You can learn them too. This course is for all humans.

One Day Webcast!

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9:00am-5:00pm Eastern USA

Why Vagus Mojo?

The first principle of effective healing is your nervous system must be calmed down. The Vagus Nerve does that. If it is working well and has the right tone. If it doesn’t you will remain in sympathetic nervous system dominance and struggle to heal. You cannot heal when you are defending. Cells are either in growth mode or defense mode, they cannot be in both at the same time. The Vagus nerve is the healing mode switch.

The Vagus Nerve is the most important nerve in the body. If that works well all the other nerves can work better. If it doesn’t work well all the other nerves will struggle. That’s based on embryology. You will learn that in the course. A powerful connection to healing few people know about Vagus Nerve development and performance.


Why you should attend?

If you have hit a wall with therapy and nothing is helping you feel better this webcast is for you. You are tired of living in pain and want to take back control of your life. Learn self-help techniques you may have never seen before. Learning about the Vagus nerve is good, but what do you do next with the information? How can you apply it in real life for real results? We show you

What are some of the things you will learn?

  • Moving the throat and esophagus to stimulate the vagus
  • Taping strategies to ignite the nerve while you sleep
  • How to reset the lungs to increase vagal tone (Lung Resets)
  • Stomach Resets (The Vagus Exit)
  • Breathing and the Diaphragm
  • Sympathetic nervous system resets of the spine, neck and abdomen
  • Parasympathetic nervous system resets
  • Skull and tailbone self resets
  • Sympathetic Dominance and the stress response
  • Abdominal nerve plexus resets
  • Manual nerve block techniques
  • Vibration therapy
  • Embryology development of the vagus nerve and why it matters
  • Simple, practical and easy reset techniques you may have never seen before
  • and more

What you get?

You can attend live and ask questions during the webcast. If you cannot attend live you have lifetime access to the webcast recording with all techniques and the complete slideshow presentation

Sign up today. Your body will thank you. See you there.

Dr. Perry

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