What I Know #2

July 13, 2016

If you haven’t seen the first 11 things I know click below…

What I know #1

So here we go…

12. Deadlifts love your ass. Squats love your quads

13. Upright rows are awesome for your traps but they kill your AC joints. Be careful

14. Touching Dumbbells at the top up of a shoulder press or bench press means you are a dumbbell. Don’t make noise. Control movement

15. Pull-ups are top of the back development food chain and barbell bent over rows are second

16. Doing Mr. Olympia’s arm workout is not a good idea unless you are Mr. Olympia. Overtraining anyone?

17. Resting too long between sets means you have too many training partners OR you need to drop the one you have OR you need to get your as in gear and focus

18. Hip hinging is a lost art. It’s like finding a unicorn or leprechaun. It’s a miracle when you do

19. Standing dumbbell side bends are great for giving you a block looking waist and you look like shit.

20. If you’re in the gym for 3 hours a day and not taking performance enhancement drugs you might be addicted to training and are overtraining

21. Worrying about what you eat can become obsessive and you may lose the people you love most in life if you don’t live a little too

22. Carrying a gallon water jug with you at all times means your are in the top 1% of purpose driven people

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