What I know #3

Continuing series of fitness stuff from decades doing it…

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23. Hanging leg raises are great for your abs because they are self limiting. Most people can’t hang long enough to do endless repetitions the wrong way like floor crunches. I mean hanging from your hands, not the wimpy hanging arm straps.

24. Wearing a weight belt makes you weaker in the long run. If you take away the need for your body to stabilize itself then it won’t. If you wear a weight belt to do bicep curls you’re just an idiot and yes everyone is laughing at you.

25. Squat shoes? Really. You already have the best ones around and they are called YOUR FEET! Arnold did squats in barefeet. Nuff said. If you pay $100’s for squat shoes and you aren’t a competitive powerlifter you need to figure out why you can’t squat. Hint: Ankles need to move.

26. Be different. Instead of doing Universal Chest Day on Monday how about making it your leg day? I promise you’ll probably have the entire leg training room to yourself. That’s a win. Dirty little secret. When you get better at squatting your bench goes up.

27. If you walk in front of me while I’m training you need a gym etiquette refresher. That’s a rookie mistake. Never walk in the direct eye line of someone training. You stand and wait, or go around. In a true hardcore bodybuilding gym you would get your ass kicked for doing it. In other places, I can promise you the person you did it to is thinking about it.

28. Rack your weights! It’s called being responsible. That a gym has to put up a sign to remind you is a disgrace. If you can lift it, you can put it away. Dumbasses leave dumbbells off the rack.

29. Dropping weights doesn’t make you look tough. You just look like someone who wants attention and can’t control weight. Control it down. Why, because it takes MUSCLE to do it. Why wouldn’t you want to?

30. Deadlifting means lifting and controlling. It doesn’t mean BOOM DROPPING weight on the floor. That’s a deaddrop. Control it! And deadlifts don’t hurt your back. The way you deadlift hurts your back. Don’t blame the exercise. Blame your technique.

31. The best exercise for your (insert anything you want here) is the one you are gonna do.

32. Poor thoracic extension and rotation is why your shoulders hurt. If you don’t move in one area of your body you will move more in another. The shoulders do it!

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