What I Know

July 11, 2016

I’m gonna be 50 this year. Holy Hell 😉 Spent a lot of time making mistakes, getting my ass kicked by life, and been in the fitness trenches forever. Working out since I was 13. Learned some things.

Here’s a few…

1.  Eccentrics kick your ass. They make you wicked strong and big. Most people concentrate too much on concentric.

2. Squats make your whole body better and bigger. Do them on Mondays instead of chest.

3. Overtraining is easy. Resting is not

4. Behind the neck shoulder presses will kill your shoulder. Cost to benefit ratio is too high

5. Training without proper nutrition is a waste of time

6. One can never have too much water

7. Intensity is more important than volume

8. Rep tempos make champions and break performance plateaus

9. Pulling with your back is not the same as pulling with your arm

10. Training your weakest body part first is a smart move. Got that from

11. Arnold. He did that for his calves.

I know I don’t know a lot

Next 11 on the way…