Where You Think It Is, It Ain’t

‘Where you think it is, it ain’t.- Ida Rolf

The Law of Correspondence – ‘That which is above is below, and as below so above’

How does this Law relate to your pain? Well let’s take a look

  • If your knee hurts, look above at the hip and below at the ankle
  • If your elbow hurts, look above at the shoulder and below at the wrist
  • If your back hurts, look above at the thoracic spine and below at the hips
  • If your neck hurts, look above at the skull and below at the thoracic spine
  • And go bigger…if your shoulder hurts look above at the neck and below at the hips
  • If your hip hurts go above at the wrist and below at the toes

Common sense breakout: This is already assuming you have ruled out pathological red flags and doggedly treated where it hurts with little to no progress.

Where did you go? We need you desperately.

Everything is connected. So many choices how do you know where to look?

That’s easy…

  • Just knowing to look above and below is a game changer. Look beyond the pain
  • Watch them move. Movement reveals the answer when you stop to listen

The body tells you when it like something quick fast and in a hurry. It also tells you when it doesn’t like something. You should notice an immediate and lasting improvement in how you move and how you feel when you do an intervention. If you don’t, it’s not the right intervention.

What’s with the same old shit path of care clocked at three times a week for four weeks, two times a week for four weeks, one time a week for four weeks? You know who made that up? Insurance companies

Everything can make a temporary change in the body. Making it stick is the litmus test to the chosen intervention.

Sometimes life is a bitch and things are permanently broken or disabled. However, it doesn’t mean you are destined to suffer a life in the same level of pain. That realization alone is often enough to decrease pain perception.

The solution doesn’t have to be difficult to work. If you keep going after the same spot and it doesn’t improve, how about trying to look at a different spot? Sometimes it can be just that simple. That’s why it’s called the ‘Elusive Obvious.’

A principle espoused by Moshe Feldenkrais


A few tips to start ya on the way of connections. I’ve seen these over the years, so check them out. Otherwise known as the crazy shit path. By the way, that’s the path your primal brain lives on and that part of your brain rules everything

  1. Plantar fasciitis check for a weak ass
  2. Elbow pain check for a weak grip
  3. Shoulder pain check for a weak neck

If you just keep treating the foot, elbow and shoulder in the above list, look in the mirror and give yourself the finger.

You deserve it.

Be better than that.

Your clients deserve it.