Your Ass is Your Foot

Say what Doc? Have you finally lost your mind? Well sort of…What do I mean by this statement? As a society WE SIT ALL DAY, so instead of being on our feet all day we are on our ass all day! We were designed to move and stand on our feet…not sit. In essence with this much sitting, we have a cascade of dysfunctional movement and muscle symmetry.

The body typically ends up with quad dominance, tight hip flexors, anterior weight shift, decreased hip extension and glute activation, weak hamstrings, restricted ankle mobility and hyper-kyphotic thoracic spine. Now imagine trying to go workout and train hardstyle with this movement pattern. This is what the average person does…They go to the gym and ask their trainer to ‘kick their ass’ or go to crazy bootcamps and crossfit workouts where the body cannot tolerate the movements. What happens…injury usually…BUT you also have decreased movement and lack of muscle control meaning your performance suffers. Don’t even get me started on a lack of durability.

One thing most people do when they train is they come to the gym after sitting on their ass all day, sitting in their car to get to the gym and then sit down on equipment to train even more with resistance. HELLO!! See anything wrong here?

So how do you see how bad your movement is? Get an FMS Functional Movement Screen. And if you have pain get the SFMA. Get evaluated before you start moving. Movement Screen